People serving People and Communities in the name of Christ since 1979

VEA MINISTRIES began as an idea in 1979. That idea turned into an educational initiative to distribute quality television programs for children using local cable television providers throughout the province of Ontario, Canada. In 1981, the educational initiative was incorporated as a non-profit organization, and in 1987, the organization was granted charitable status. In 1993, the main activities of VEA Ministries were moved to Gabriola Island in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Our mission of service embodies three communities: first, the local community of faith through the Church On the Rock on Gabriola Island; second, the community at large through The Hope Centre also on Gabriola Island, and third a national and international community using new technologies such as the Internet for purposes of education and mentorship.

Our mission of service comprises many aspects of cultural engagement by integrating the arts and ministry into an emerging style that does not make arts and ministry co-dependent. Instead, art and ministry are autonomous domains of the artist and the ministry worker. Yet this autonomy advocates a positive collaborative effect on each domain without resorting to misleading labels, for example labels such as Christian art, Christian artist, Sacred arts, and Arts in ministry. As such, the relation ship between art and ministry is that art provides a positive environment for the nurture of critical thought about spiritual issues.

This positive environment not only includes the creation of art by artists, but also the appreciation of art through connoisseurship and criticism by artist and non-artist alike.

Ministry provides a safe setting for the experience of the presence of God through the indwelling Holy Spirit in a positive environment where critical thought can be used to examine all meaning of daily life, especially in relation to the Kingdom of God.

Over a period of 35 years and beyond, VEA MINISTRIES has grown to provide informed leadership in a variety of educational initiatives including the visual arts and Christian spirituality. This unique style of hands-on leadership has been available at local community levels, as well as nationally and internationally.

In the local community of faith and the community at large we are service providers of programs for early years, middle years and teen years, licensed daycare facilities, prevention education, biblical discipleship programs, and local church fellowship.

To the national and international community we offer online instruction in classical drawing, development and management of online art galleries, arts advocacy and curatorial initiatives, arts management, and communication consultation.

The spiritual foundations of VEA Ministries are built upon Scriptures and the way of life taught by Jesus Christ.

This website for VEA MINISTRIES is not a substitute for other websites that provide information about specific services and programs of the many initiatives of VEA MINISTRIES. This website is a simple traffic information page designed to direct interested people to specific programs and services.

Gerrit V. L. Verstraete,
President and Founder
Artist, Author, Teacher, Mentor

Alice Verstraete
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Pastor, Counselor, Administrator

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 VEA Mission Statement

To teach the Kingdom of God and the power of the Holy Spirit on Gabriola Island.

To equip fellow believers for the ministry of healing, reconciliation, and restoration on Gabriola Island.

To serve the children, youth, and families of Gabriola Island with suitable programs and services.

To disciple those who endeavour to undertake a deeper journey of faith and grace.

To reach out with the above to wherever the Spirit calls and leads.